Graduate Theresa Ross finds work helping others find jobs

By Shaheen Samavati, The Plain Dealer

August 23, 2009, 12:01AM

Gus Chan, The Plain DealerTheresa Ross met a Michael Page representative while attending an event for Ohio State alumni in New York City.

EDITOR'S NOTE: More than a dozen of the 88 participants in "Help Wanted" have found employment since the series began in April. Here is one of their stories.

After nine months of looking for a job, Theresa Ross is now on the other side of the interview table. She is working at head-hunting firm Michael Page in New York City and is now helping place job seekers in accounting and finance positions.

Ross graduated from Ohio State University with a marketing degree in 2008 and followed that up with a yearlong marketing internship with BMW in Columbus.

But after her internship ended, she had trouble finding a permanent marketing or sales position in Ohio. After several months of fruitless interviews, she decided to start expanding her networking efforts to New York, where she also has family.

She met a Michael Page representative while attending an event for Ohio State alumni in the city.

"Have you ever thought about becoming a recruiter?" she was asked.

After thinking about it, Ross decided that the position made career sense.

"Essentially, you're selling people," she said. "I was open to the idea because skills used in this type of role would definitely be transferable."

Ross said that after going through several rounds of interviews, she realized the firm was a match for her. "The company had the feeling I was looking for," she said. "It just happened to be the right time, the right place, and the right opportunity."

Ross said that in the beginning, she may have been too rigid in what she was looking for.

"My advice to others is to have your plan, try to obtain your goals according to your plan, but at the same time to recognize an opportunity when you see it," she said.

Ross said now that the tables are turned, she has a different perspective.

"I see people limit their opportunities based on location or just a couple of dollars an hour," she said. "Others are unwilling to do temporary work, even if it's something that could really get their foot in the door."

But, she says, for those who are unemployed, making some small concessions might be worth it to stay in the job market.

"I count my blessings every day because I have great people that I work with and I'm lucky to have a position, especially as a recent graduate," she said. "Every day I walk in trying to prove that I'm the person they wanted to hire."


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