About us

Future Farm is a Food-Tech Company and the international brand of Fazenda Futuro, the #1 plant based meat brand in South America and Middle East. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality healthy products for our consumers, with an engaging brand experience, without compromising on taste. The hyper realistic range is made from 100% natural ingredients, and is GMO & gluten free and deforestation free. It comprises of Future Meatballs, Future Burgers, Future Sausages and Future Mince, made using a blend of soy (non-GMO), pea and chickpea proteins. We are not stopping there - our innovation pipeline is strong and there is still much more to come. 

Future Farm

About our employees 

Fazenda Futuro was founded in Rio de Janeiro by Marcos Leta and Alfredo Strechinsky, the young entrepreneurs behind another brazilian food and drink success: natural juice brand Do Bem which was sold to AmBev (the Brazilian subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev) in 2016.

Career development

The Future is literally in your hands, with the fast growth of the Brand every role can evolve into much more as well as if you would like to experience other international markets we might just be the place as we continue to expand globally. 

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Office culture

See the future:  capture, anticipate and leverage future opportunities and challenges.

Unknotter: you have the amazing ability to simplify complexities, turning challenges into great opportunities 

Power of Proactiveness: you don’t wait to be called, things to happen or specific instructions, you formulate a smart & lean plan with the information and resources you have and you just make it happen. 

Flexible: Open to operate in areas that have yet to be assigned to a particular department. 

Team player: someone whom people love to work with, approachable and respectful 

Dynamic: You thrive working in a changing environment, and you know to manage uncertainty with ease and make the most of it.

Future Farm

Brand values

For us, food is life, and it drives togetherness. In that spirit, we are on a mission to revolutionize food in a way that is good for the people, the planet, and your plate.  

The brand has set out to make meatpackers obsolete, and to foster the movement towards GMO-free and deforestation-free produce in place of those that are unethical and illegal. In its fight for biodiversity and against destruction of the rainforest, the brand also demands high environmental standards from its suppliers, demanding that they can state that their produce are both GMO and deforestation-free.