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CrowdFlower is the world's leading crowdsourcing service, with over one billion tasks completed by five million contributors. They specialize in microtasking: distributing small, discrete tasks to many online contributors in assembly line fashion.
CrowdFlower has transformed crowdsourcing into a science. Businesses with large tasks simply send the job over to CrowdFlower and they break the task up into as many mini-tasks as necessary. Then, the mini-tasks are sent out to contributors from around the world. With over one million contributors in over 90 countries, no project is too large.  It makes the tasks simple enough that they are understandable and accomplishable. The data is then collected from around the world, streamlined and checked for quality and accuracy. The business is presented with a finished product in record-breaking time. It’s a simple solution to any company’s overwhelming project.
CrowdFlower has worked for small start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between. It is growing fast and needs smart, innovative people, willing to work (and play) hard to help cultivate the crowd.
If you’re interested in working for CrowdFlower or other exciting companies, please get in touch with our San Francisco office.