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Gurwitch Products

In 1995, Janet Gurwitch, a proven businesswoman and Gary Kusin, known for his operations and distribution expertise, came together to form Gurwitch Products. Just one year later, they aligned with Laura Mercier, a talented makeup artist. In 2008, the know-how of a plastic surgeon joined the ranks with the acquiring of RéVive. Gurwitch Products are continuing to grow in the cosmetics field.
The Laura Mercier line is known for its ability to accentuate natural beauty. After working as a makeup artist for several stars and on the set of magazine cover photo shoots, Laura Mercier knows what it takes to make a face look flawless and her products reflect this.
RéVive began with just one moisture renewal cream. Now, an entire line helps aging skin look young and revitalized. Dr. Gregory Bays Brown discovered a bio-engineered molecule during his days as a plastic surgeon that could speed up the healing rate of burned skin. He found this same molecule could make skin look younger, and put it into his product. Dr. Brown continues his ground-breaking research today, and his products (and customers) benefit.
The Gurwitch main offices are in Houston and New York, but products are sold around the country. 
If you’re interested in working for Gurwitch Products, please get in touch with our Houston office.