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Making Your Next Career Move

This section will assist you in making the right career move at the right time. Learn how to develop transferable skills, how to resign, what to consider when choosing a company to work for and more.
Your industry knowledge and experience are important elements to help develop the professional skills employers are looking for in an employee. Here are ways you can gain more practical experience and help boost your professional and educational achievements.
It is important to have a balance between your job and the other areas of your life so you can be productive, healthy and happy both at work and outside of it.
The decision to change jobs or careers can be motivated by many factors. Perhaps you have decided it’s time to pursue your passion, or you have been offered a dream role. These steps can help you make sure your career is headed in the right direction.
Most job seekers will experience a varied career path over their working life. Target research and thorough preparation are essential to making a career change of any scale a success.
Looking for your next step? Here are 5 habits to incorporate into your daily life that will make recruiters and employers swoon.
Transferable skills can be adapted between jobs; they are not specific to a single role. Building these skills greatly expands your career options because they have broad appeal to potential employers.
Resigning from your job on good terms takes preparation, tact and professionalism. Using the correct etiquette when you resign can strengthen your reputation as a trustworthy and considerate professional, helping to position you strongly for your next move.
The trend toward employing contract staff continues to grow as companies recognize the benefit of a more flexible workforce. To decide if contracting is the right career move for you, here are some of the key benefits to consider.
You’re no doubt familiar with the sinking feeling when another Monday morning rolls around. But starting the week feeling flat isn’t doing you any favors. Here’s how to boost motivation and start the week with a positive outlook.
Think it’s time to change jobs? Don’t make the change until you’ve considered what it means to leave your current role. At Michael Page, we speak to people every day who are unhappy in their jobs and help advise them on the next steps. Here is what we tell people.
Searching for the right role is a difficult task; a good one will utilize your skills, provide a salary you’re happy with and advance your career. If you don’t take the time to find out whether an organization’s values align with your own, your dream job could end up being quite the opposite.
Ironically, you might spend months on the job hunt with no luck – then two job offers will come at once. What should you consider when you have to decide between the two job offers? Here are some factors worth considering.
Many people are extremely open about the information they post online. When it comes to finding a new job, your online presence may be of more significance than you think.
Job hopping - a leap forward for your career prospects or a giant step back?
How to Handle a Counter-offer
You think you’ve got through the tough stages of finding a new job; sorting out your resume, performing well at interview, being offered your dream role and resigning. Done and dusted. But it’s not – your employer then makes you an enticing offer to make you reconsider your resignation, leaving you in a quandary. Do you stay or do you go?