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The Top 3 Rewards We Give Our Employees

Here at Michael Page, we love rewarding our recruiters as they demonstrate their commitment to success. Our #workhardpagehard attitude comes from the amount of passion we have for what we do, and the truly unforgettable fun we have together as a result of our achievements. Here are three of our internal rewards programs we have that keep the dream alive.

1) Annual High Flyers

The Reward: An all-expense, VIP-style vacation in chosen destinations around the world. The top billers from across North America come together and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences together as gratitude for all their hard work.

How to Qualify: Hit the High Flyer targets - that’s it! Past Locations Include: Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, Turks & Caicos, New Orleans, Miami, New York City, Nashville, The Bahamas, and more.

2) Golden Ticket

The Reward: $100 American Express Gift Card. You can every week, up to ten times - a $1,000 total! A weekly announcement showcasing the winners (like the one above) is made to the entire company!

How to Qualify: You must be within the first six months of your employment, so this is a great one for the newbies! The criteria include achieving a certain amount of client visits, interviews, hires, and/or phone minutes.

3) Millionaire’s Club


The Reward: Rewards start after billing $1M, including an extra paid vacation day (28 maximum), a celebratory dinner with a Managing Director, and big beautiful balloon decorations at your desk. Bill $2M and receive that plus two tickets to a local event worth up to $1,000 (think VIP box seats to a game, concert, or more). Bill $5M and get another extra vacation day, celebratory meal with an executive board member, and a trip for two worth up to $5,000! Plus you are featured on our “Wall of Fame” that is displayed in every office across North America. Now this is a celebration worth bragging about.

How to Qualify: Achieve $1M in revenue, $2M for the next reward, and $5M+ for the premium level.


Our core values are simple: take pride, be passionate, never give up, work as a team, and of course...make it fun! We are lucky to say we have some of the best recruiters in the world, and celebrating their success is the least we can do.

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