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Top 5 Reasons Why a UK Recruiter Should Work in North America



If you are a recruiter in the United Kingdom, moving your career to North America could be a wise decision. With growing opportunities and a strong economy, this is an incredible chance for you to advance your career quickly. Here at PageGroup, we’ve already got a great track record of people transferring their skills from the UK, so we asked our UK ex-pat employees why they would make the move.

1.      Competitive Edge: There are less recruiters in North America per job opening

Overall, North America is a less saturated market. Being a Recruitment Consultant is, by and large, a far more common career choice in the UK – 19,000 graduates joined the industry in the UK alone during 2015 and the number of recruiters overall grew by 1.9%.

With less recruiters in North America per job and per sector, you have less competition and a larger market share, with hundreds if not thousands of companies in need of a recruiting agency.

2.      More Opportunity: North America has a bigger market and a stronger economy

This is indeed the land of opportunity. The UK has a population of 64 million, while the US comes in at 318 million and Canada at 35 million. This means more jobs, more candidates, and more clients looking to hire. 

3.      Faster-Paced Job Market: You can bill revenue much quicker

According to a global study by Glassdoor, the hiring process is faster in North America than in the UK. On average:

  • The hiring process:

                        o   North America: 22 days

                        o   United Kingdom: 29 days

  • The interview process:

                         o   North America: 15-25 days

                         o   United Kingdom: 17-37 days

  •  Employee’s leave notice:

                          o   North America: Two weeks

                         o   United Kingdom: 1-3 months

4.      Gain Exposure to Different Recruitment Strategies: You’ll develop new skills

If you’re looking to strengthen your professional skillset as a recruiter, working in a new market will allow you to learn new strategies around making quality placements, building client relationships and driving new business, making you a stronger candidate should you decide to return back home.

5.      The British Factor: North America loves your accent!

Americans and Canadians love the Brits. The British accent is the most attractive in the world, according to a global poll of 11,000 people and is very well-received in the recruiting world.

With strong relationship-building being the crux of a successful recruiter, this likeability will only work to your advantage!

If this sounds exciting and you’d like to have a confidential discussion to talk about working for PageGroup in the US or Canada, reach out to Erin Vickers,  North American Regional Talent Director,  at or via phone at +1 212-771-6064.

We have 12 offices across the North America region and would love to help you achieve your career dreams!