Sales Roles in Technology Start-Ups: Market Update

For early stage technology startups who have just perfected their product, establishing a strong sales force is the next crucial step towards growth.  Account executives, sales managers and senior-level sales roles are in demand - particularly for SaaS, E-commerce, POS, adtech, fintech and mobile companies who are just beginning to build traction.

Skills in Demand

With increased exposure, funding and revenue being top priorities, these companies are seeking determined sales people who can consistently bring in new business. Not only are they looking for deal-closers, but top performers with great prospecting skills and excellent leadership potential. The most valuable candidates demonstrate manager potential and show long-term value to the company.

Once in the company, the most successful employees hone in a strong knowledge of both the product and tech landscape. Showcasing this acumen leads to better customer and professional relationships, and a quicker rise to the top.

Market Trends

We currently live in a candidate-driven market, where there are far more open positions then job seekers. Turnover rates have increased 46 percent. The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 2008. Last year’s wage increases barely matched inflation, causing employees to seek companies that offer higher salaries. Not to mention, the demand for qualified talent exceeds the supply, so the most desirable candidates are receiving multiple job offers and raising their career standards.

Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

In order to offset the war for candidates, technology start-ups must first demonstrate clear, linear career paths. The most common reason candidates leave their roles is when this path is not present, thus creating the inability to envision a future with their current company. As they move forward, jobseekers often gravitate towards start-ups because they see an opportunity to grow with the company as it evolves. Therefore, it is critical to feature this when hiring.

Additionally, the companies that secure the best talent have the most candidate-friendly and fast interview process. The most desirable applicants tend to receive multiple job offers while actively interviewing, so being at the front of their minds is extremely important. Companies can show heightened interest by cutting down interview stages and extending an offer more promptly. This will make the job-seeker feel valued and increase their likelihood of coming on board.

Forecast for 2015

With so many organizations looking to expand this year, candidates are in the power seat.  Given the plethora of options, talent will gravitate towards the most interesting and innovative technologies.  They will stay if the salaries are competitive, recognitions for achievement are in place, and of course, if a clear career path exists. Account executives and sales managers are highly-coveted hires, and this is a qualified candidate’s market.  Now is an excellent time to join the sales team of today’s tech start-ups. Let Michael Page source the most qualified candidates for your company.

For more information on our tech startup recruitment, please contact John Davies or Michael Campagna.