Weemo, a service that offers a WebRTC-based real-time video chat platform was started in 2007 and is continuing to develop products that make video collaboration as easy as one click. Instead of dealing with dropped video calls, complicated set-ups and mismatched audio and visual, customers enjoy multi-party video conferencing without any of the hassle.
Armed with years of experience in the telecom space and a deep understanding of networking and software development, the founders of Weemo built products that mean video collaboration for everyone, on every platform, on every device. Weemo makes it possible to join in-session video chats, chat with multiple locations at once and share files and/or screens instantly so businesses with off-site employees can keep all staff engaged, customer service reps are more accessible to their customers and doctors can reach patients easily who are thousands of miles away. 
Weemo is located in San Francisco and Paris, but connects people worldwide.
If you’re interested in working for Weemo or other exciting companies, please get in touch with our San Francisco office.