Why is Michael Page different?

There are three main differences:

1. Our people

We spend a significant amount of time during our interview process trying to get to know the real 'you'. Our interviewing process enables us to assess your ability to work in teams, which is integral to your success at Michael Page. Unlike most of our competitors, we DON'T pay you on commission. Our collaborative approach is unique in the recruiting industry and offers great benefits to you. All information regarding clients and candidates is shared, thereby improving our individual and team results. Everyone works together as a team - NOT as a collection of individuals, thereby improving our individual and team results. Compared to the industry standards, we have a dramatically lower turnover of personnel because people feel comfortable within our environment, are well remunerated, and have access to new career challenges in the United States and overseas.

2. Our specialization

We are great believers in specialization and focus, because we recognize that by dedicating all our financial and human resources to a particular market niche and then working on being the best in that niche, gives us a huge competitive advantage. This specialization is reflected in the United States through our focus on our specialist divisions:

3. Our recruitment methodology

Upon obtaining a thorough understanding of what our client's particular recruitment needs are, we put together a tailored recruitment solution, which may be a combination of searching our candidate database, advertising and/or targeted search/headhunting. We maintain an extensive database of candidates and we invest heavily in this database to ensure that you, as a consultant and therefore your clients, have access to the best candidates in the marketplace. We train you thoroughly to use this database effectively to beat our competitors on the quality of introduction and speed of service. Further, we have a team of dedicated researchers to network across the marketplace in order to identify the best candidates for even the most difficult searches.

The interview process and training

We do have an exhaustive interview process that involves you talking to many different people within the company about yourself, your skills and experiences, as well as your career and personal life. We may also ask you to take a psychometric assessment which assists us to determine your aptitude for the job.

Since the majority of our consultants do not have prior recruitment experience, we obviously train and develop you in the skills and techniques you need to be successful, and continue with this training throughout your career. During your 'apprenticeship' you will work closely with an experienced mentor who will guide you through the challenging early stages.

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