What does a recruitment consultant do?

A recruitment consultant is the intermediary between companies seeking to recruit professional staff (The Client) and professional staff (The Candidate) seeking a career move or contract assignment. However, this process has endless variations and complications depending on such factors as the skills and experience required, the environment and career development offered and just as importantly, the personality fit. It is the executive recruitment consultant's job to facilitate this exercise for both the employer and the job seeker and to satisfy both.

A fundamental part of this process is to obtain information by talking to, and meeting with, people:

You talk to and meet potential and existing clients to find out about their business, their culture, their current and future recruitment needs, and to develop a loyal and powerful relationship with them - so that when it comes time to recruit a professional, they choose to use Michael Page. Since some clients are not aware of, or are even skeptical about the benefits of using Michael Page, you also have to "sell" to them those benefits.

You talk to and meet job seekers to assess their skills and experiences, their career goals, and their suitability for different positions. The more information and therefore the more knowledge you have, the more opportunities you can create in bringing your clients and candidates together in a successful match or placement. And while Michael Page has a fine name in the marketplace (don't take our word for granted - ask around) and provides considerable internal support, YOU will largely make it happen for yourself by being proactive, persistent and professional.

It is also a common view that we are in the "human resources" business, but this is inaccurate. While "professional recruitment and selection" is a vitally important component of our clients' human resources function, for us recruitment is a "sales" business - we are "selling" our services to our clients. Executive recruitment in Michael Page is a fast and frenetic environment - it is no place for you unless you can work at a brisk pace, in a highly charged work environment and can cope with being constantly available and responsive to your clients and your candidates. You will also regularly experience the lows of rejection and disappointment as well as the highs of success.

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