Looking for IT job opportunities in China?

As the second largest economy in the world, China has a bustling population of more than 1.3 billion. This has translated into Beijing and Shanghai becoming two of the largest commercial hubs globally, with many MNCs setting up their Asia headquarters in these locations. 
We have also seen immense growth across large domestic organisations, particularly within the eCommerce, Internet and Technology space with companies such as Huawei, Allibaba, etc. extending their operations into international markets. 
As a result of this continuous growth and global expansion, there is a high demand in China for Mandarin speaking candidates who possess overseas working experience and have a genuine interest in China / the local culture.  Specifically, we have seen professionals with U.S. working experience being highly valued by employers in China.
China now presents a myriad of professional opportunities for professionals looking for the next challenge in their career, or even wanting to return home to China. 
For Mandarin speaking candidates with U.S. working experience, we see a particularly high demand in the following areas: 
  • Application Developers Manager/Director:  in both commercial organisations and financial services.  Demand for such professionals remain high due to the continued high growth in web and mobile applications by businesses as many businesses continue to develop applications in-house.
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience UX) Designers Manager/Director:  for smart phones, tablets and web applications. In the retail and eCommerce industries in particular, this is particularly exemplified in the consumer space with organisations focusing not just on the application functionality, though also putting immense emphasis on user experience and promoting business retention. 
  • Mobile Application Developers Manager/Director:  primarily for Android and iOS. Given the popularity of smart phones, mobile application development is considered a core channel for many consumer and brand based organisations. 
  • Web Application Development Manager/Director:  particularly in the areas of front-end coding skills including PHP, .NET, Java and C++.
Michael Page will be holding a job fair from February 23rd to 27th in our San Francisco offices.
If you are keen to attend the job fair or find that the above opportunities suit you, please submit your CV to Gin Sun.