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Chicago is an amazing city to live and work in if you’re pursuing or growing a promising career in the technology sector. This has been true for some time, but it’s also been something of a hidden gem. It hasn’t necessarily been one of the cities mentioned in the same breath as San Francisco and Silicon Valley just yet, but it’s starting to make its way into those conversations as the prime city in the Midwest where tech industries are starting, expanding, and thriving. Even we here at Michael Page are expanding our efforts in this region, adding a team to focus directly on recruiting for Chicago’s tech businesses.  

Here are a few tech industries emerging in Chicago to keep an eye on if you’ve got a foothold in the Windy City or are looking to make a move to the area for personal reasons, career reasons, or both. 

AdTech Software 

Advertising has always been big in Chicago, so it makes sense that the technology surrounding the industry would find a firm position there as well. As advertising continues to evolve, adopting and embracing the way technology helps optimize ad placements, deliver content to the right people, and get better results per spend, the software that helps make those things possible will follow suit. 

Cloud Software 

Not a day goes by without advancements in cloud software that enhance its amazing capabilities beyond the world-changing level they’ve already reached. The industry is going to keep growing in the Midwest as organizations from pretty much every industry, from small business to Fortune 500 companies, continue to adopt and more heavily use the cloud for all things business (and personal). 

Healthcare Tech 

Information Technology is important in nearly every sector, but especially so when it comes to healthcare. The tools and software designed to sustain and improve hospital and administrative productivity, treatments, and quality of care are meant to literally save lives. As the biggest city in the Midwest, Chicago stands out as an innovative, advanced presence in the medical field—and an excellent place to get into or stay within the healthcare tech realm. 

Food Tech

If you’ve never been to Chicago, you know it’s worth a trip for the food itself. This sector undoubtedly has a huge foothold on the area, with some of the world’s largest food corporations calling Chicago their headquarters. Technology is being used to improve the overall customer and supply experience, both in store and online as grocery and meal delivery services continue to skyrocket in popularity.  

As these advances grow, so too will their respective industries. This means that jobs will open and top talent will continue to be in demand.

If you are a technology professional interested in a mid-to-senior role within any of the above fields, please submit your resume or search our job listings. If you’re looking for more professional tips, please browse our advice section.

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