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As the financial industry grows, so does the potential for more job openings and available pathways for advancement. One good way to plot out the next step in your career is to look for the highest paying jobs in the finance sector so that you can determine your ultimate goals and set yourself up for success.

Finance is a resilient sector that offers a lot of opportunity, even in uncertain economic times. Whether you're starting out in the industry, or are considering shifting your focus, here are some of the best paying jobs in finance to help you plan out your career trajectory.

Banking & Financial Services

The Banking & Financial Services sector can be a golden opportunity for a candidate that loves more of a personal touch to helping clients achieve their financial growth goals. As a finance professional in this broad area of expertise, there will be opportunities in both personal and corporate finance, such as investment banking. A certified financial planner or financial analyst, for example, are key roles in this field. 

Jobs in this finance industry dive deep into what makes these public and private companies run smoothly and effectively. Administrative roles can be good options for an entry level position. From there, Banking & Financial Services can offer higher paying jobs in analyzing financial data through a broad range of roles.

Some of the highest paying jobs in Banking and Financial Service right now are:

  • Tax Counsel for a Financial Services Firm
  • Financial Risk Management/ Risk Assessment - Credit and Market Trends
  • Accounting Software Development
  • Buy Side Department Head in Compliance

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Accounting & Finance

Accounting & Finance professionals are essential to any organization. These roles can start at entry level with a bachelor's degree in finance or accounting. From there, candidates work their way up through various business and finance occupations until your goal of reaching the best paying finance job in the industry is achieved.

This area of jobs for finance professionals can involve problem solving and risk assessment, just like in Banking & Financial Services. The difference that Accounting & Finance professionals are more involved in the everyday financial health of an organization, whether they work in-house or for an accounting or finance firm. 

Some examples based out of the NYC market for higher paying jobs in Accounting and Finance are below:

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • Controller
  • Finance Director - Planning and Financial Reporting
  • Financial Analyst

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What's Next?

The financial sector has shown continued growth and companies are in need of excellent talent, from business administration to financial managers. This is what is driving some of the highest paying finance jobs to continue to be competitive with one another, by offering various benefits along with the salary.

Finding some of the top paying finance jobs in your area doesn’t have to be a long and winding road. You can begin your search from our job page and find various resources to help on your journey. At all levels from entry with a bachelor's degree, to a master's degree looking to advance further; we are there every step of the way.

Reach out to us today to start a conversation with an expert recruitment consultant who can help you find your next opportunity.

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