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New York Recruitment Specialization

Here in New York, we are great believers in specialization and focus, because we recognize that by dedicating all our financial and human resources to a particular market niche and then working on being the best in that niche, gives us a huge competitive advantage. This specialization is reflected in our New York recruitment through our focus on our specialist divisions:

New York Recruitment

Michael Page has been voted number one recruitment company in New York for the fifth year in a row. The honor recognizes the company's achievements in creating a positive work environment that attracts and retains employees through a combination of employee satisfaction, working conditions and company culture. Our NY recruitment consultants are salaried based, meaning that they do not work on commission. This allows our New York recruitment consultants the ability to create long term relationships with clients and candidates because their pay is not based on whether or not they make a placement.

Our New York Recruitment consultants work with you to understand your business requirements and ensure that you find the most appropriate candidate for the job. At times this can involve helping refine the job spec or conducting an international search. Exceeding expectations and delivering success to our clients is something we enjoy.

New York Recruitment Methodology

Upon obtaining a thorough understanding of what our client's particular recruitment needs are, New York Recruitment consultants put together a tailored recruitment solution, which may be a combination of searching our candidate database, advertising and/or targeted search/headhunting. We maintain an extensive database of candidates and we invest heavily in this database to ensure that you, as a client, have access to the best candidates in the marketplace. Further, NY recruitment consultants have a team of dedicated researchers to network across the marketplace in order to identify the best candidates for even the most difficult searches.

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