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A company's strength is built on the quality of its employees. As such, HR is playing an increasingly important role in businesses today. At Michael Page Human Resources, our central concern is to recruit the right candidate for the right job. HR professionals have responsibility for recruiting and retaining talented employees, plus everything else in between. As soon as an employee enters an organisation, everything from signing their contract to paying their wages and catering for their training needs is facilitated by the HR function.

HR is represented at the highest levels

The growing importance of attracting and retaining the highest quality employees is demonstrated by the fact that HR is beginning to be represented in companies at the highest levels. Steve Morrissey, Executive Director of Michael Page HR, comments: "HR professionals rising through the ranks can command good salaries though they can vary dramatically from sector to sector." At Michael Page we have a thorough understanding of each industry's nuances, and your Human Resources recruitment consultant will help you navigate effectively when looking for a successful candidate.

The future

Unsurprisingly, for such a dynamic discipline, HR is on the move and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of these changes. Many firms are choosing to outsource parts of their HR department, though there is some trepidation at outsourcing such a core function. Several large businesses are leading the way, however, and have already chosen this option. Though business practices and outlooks certainly change over time, the importance of the human resources function shows no sign of diminishing. In an environment where talented people are seen as the key to success in business, their successful management and retention will always be a top priority. The HR department can only support the best employees if it is filled with quality people itself. Michael Page provides such people and our experience in understanding the value of employees makes us the natural choice for HR recruitment.

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