Throughout 2019, we at Michael Page encountered a recurring problem with our construction clients: there was an acute talent shortage affecting the industry. All over North America, our clients were finding there was simply not enough qualified talent on the market, and the talent that did exist was becoming increasingly expensive.

We expected this trend to continue into 2020. While the year started out as many predicted, the COVID-19 pandemic had an unprecedented effect on all of our lives and threw a wrench into business strategies everywhere. Even so, we still find ourselves in a candidate-driven construction market. While unemployment is on the rise, it is still difficult to acquire top talent with the right qualifications.

With this top of mind, we decided to investigate the reasons for and causes of this phenomenon. Our approach was to take a look at the past, present, and even the future of the market in order to better understand how we should combat it.
We did this by harvesting data from our widespread network and having in-depth conversations with our contacts from all over North America. 

Included in this guide are learnings around:

  • The Root Causes of the Construction Talent Shortage
  • The State of the Construction Talent Shortage
  • Potential Solutions for the Construction Talent Shortage
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