Technology has redefined how we connect with one another, how we choose a product or service, and even how we do our weekly grocery shopping. So it’s no surprise that the property and construction industry has slowly but surely begun to see the benefits of the ever-evolving technological world we now live and work in.

Young, tech-savvy professionals are entering -- or gearing up to enter -- the workforce. They’ve barely known a world without technology and they are eager to use it in this field. As for the more experienced workers in the industry, upskilling programs can bring them up to speed and keep them on top of their game.

So what exactly is tech doing for property and construction? Here are just a few examples of innovations in the field right now.


There are two main jobs for a drone on a construction site -– to provide oversight and to improve safety. It seems simple, but the ways in which they perform those basic tasks are numerous.

Drones can give a whole new view of a construction site for managers. By offering a bird’s-eye-view of the property, a drone can give a fuller picture of the land and the progress being made and help to eliminate human error. This improved intelligence can keep the project moving in the right direction and keep it on time. Additionally, drones can act as a communication tool, keeping mangers in the loop even when they aren’t on site.

In terms of safety, drones can monitor a site at all times, helping to reduce theft and vandalism around the clock. But it can also sound the alarm if there are threats to the safety of any employees. They could pick up on something out of sight from the ground, potentially saving someone from injury.

3D Printing

Yes, it is possible to 3D print a house. Of course, the machinery required is not the small, microwave-like object you probably picture when you think of 3D printing.

Companies like Apis Cor are working on large-scale 3D printers that can do some amazing things. One of their printers, for example, is capable of building a 400-square-foot cement structure in 24 hours. The structure wasn’t ready as soon as it was printed, though. Labor was still required to make some installations.

Even so, 3D printing can greatly reduce the cost and time spent on a given project. This can keep employees engaged and offer a variety of work with little commitment, while reducing the bottom line for stakeholders.

Printers can produce a variety of materials, from concrete to mortar, and are being developed to adhere to building codes. We’re still some time away from this strategy being the norm, but that day is coming quickly.


Seeing heavy machinery around a construction site is nothing new. Cranes, bulldozers, and the like are staples for a project. But what if they could operate more efficiently, and with less human effort?

We’re seeing more and more robots that are capable of digging, demolishing, leveling, and beyond. Making these machines autonomous can do wonders for projects in a number of ways. Like the previously mentioned technologies, robots can make sites safer and more efficient by monitoring progress and keeping workers out of harm’s way.

These machines can take over some of the more rigorous or risky jobs on a site, while people move into management and maintenance along with supplementary labor. This could even open up the property and construction industry to people who may not have traditionally considered it to be an option, like people with physical disabilities.

This kind of tech can really advance the industry, making it safer, more cost-efficient, and more accessible to a wider range of people.

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