Many professionals in the construction industry have been experiencing a budgeting squeeze over the past couple of years. The prices of materials, such as lumber, are steadily increasing, while the availability of top talent continues to decrease.

These issues, combined with the lingering effects of the global pandemic, are making it very difficult to complete projects on time and on budget. However, many professionals believe that there are strategies which can alleviate this challenge.

In this free eBook, we break all this down and discuss:

  • The residual effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the construction industry 
  • The increasing price of materials such as lumber 
  • The rising cost and scarcity of labor
  • Value engineering and implementing technology as potential solutions 

At Michael Page, we believe that fully understanding the problem is the first step to solving it, and this eBook will provide you with key insights to help your firm succeed. 

If you’re finding it hard to complete projects on budget, you aren’t alone. 

The lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic have had a huge impact on budgets, which were an already challenging aspect of the construction industry. Talent and materials are becoming more expensive, and decisionmakers have many post-COVID considerations to bear in mind. 

To help businesses manage these challenges, Michael Page has created an in-depth eBook sharing our research into the multi-faceted issue of construction budgeting, as well as potential solutions that we find are working for many of our clients. 

To learn more, please download your free copy of the eBook today.

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