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Learn How We Recruit for Tech Startups

So you’ve invented an amazing product or service that customers love. Your minimum viable product has been tested, validated, refined and is now experiencing steady user acquisition. You have your core team together and now you are ready to expand and bring on a killer sales force. No matter where you are in the process, Michael Page is equipped to assist you at every stage and will match you with the most talented people in the industry. Find out what stage you are in currently and discover how we can help transform your startup into a thriving business.

Source Funding

Hiring takes capital. Whether you have received seed funding, investment from venture capitalists, or find yourself bootstrapped, you will always need more finances to make your team grow. No sweat! We have built an enviable and ever-growing network in the tech start-up space and can connect you to the decision makers who can provide the investments you need.

Define Your Hiring Needs

Everything you have accomplished as an entrepreneur began with a vision. But as Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, once said, “Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” So the critical question remains - what kind of people do you need to actualize your vision? How will you attract the right kind of people to work for you? What is a realistic pay structure? We are here to help you answer these questions and show you exactly how to market the roles to find the best people to join your team. Plus, we will show you how to devise compensation charts, compensation plans and organizational structure.

Recruit Top Talent

The most critical assets to your company are brilliant minds. We are experts on sourcing and placing top talent across the technology startup space, boasting hundreds of successful placements that have led to numerous repeat clients and referrals. We deliver the type of integral sales professionals who can not only deliver value now, but will be the foundation of your organization for years to come.

Scale and Sustain

Like you growth hack your product, we will growth hack your employee base. Whether or not you are hiring, our team will update you when we see high quality candidates come into the market so that you always have the opportunity to bring the most talented people on board. It is our job to make sure that you are confident in your new hires and the potential candidates that may come on board.

If you are interested in working with us or have any questions, please reach out to Andy Hsu, Director, at [email protected].