The first steps in a new job are often stressful and littered with uncertainties. This is true whether you already have many years of work experience or if you’re a new grad. To make a good impression on your new supervisors and work colleagues, just stick to a few clear dos and don'ts that will help you settle in the new environment. 

Kindness is Key 

Your first week's behavior in your new job is critical to the future, so always be polite and courteous. Of course, you’ll want to do this throughout your career, but it is critical to be friendly to your coworkers on the first few days of the job. This is when key relationships will begin. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Questions 

During your onboarding phase, your new colleagues and supervisors do not expect you to know everything. Dare to ask questions and ask for help. This shows interest and dedication to your new job. Listen carefully, ask if something is unclear, and thank colleagues for their effort. 

Dress to Impress 

Even if your new position is remote, ensure you are always presentable. If you’re unsure about company dress codes or policy, feel free to ask or play it safe on the first day with a simple button-down shirt or blouse. Overall, your appearance should be professional.  

Be Punctual 

In principle, punctual appearance at the workplace is a basic requirement. If your position is remote, log on early to ensure you’re all set up and ready to go. No matter how you’re showing up to work, avoid delays at the beginning – being late will not make a good impression.  

Avoid Distractions 

Because you must absorb and process so many new things in the first few weeks, be extremely focused – rest well, eat healthily, and stay calm.  

Be a Sponge 

At the beginning, your role is that of the listener. Critical assessment of facts or even new colleagues is out of place. After all, you will not have a comprehensive picture after such a short time. However, your input is important, so do not be shy to share new ideas and solutions down the line.  

Ease into the Culture 

Similarly, you should listen and absorb the way people socialize and interact in your workplace and meet them where they are. Let your personality shine through little by little. You should never be afraid to bring your whole self to work, but also gage the company culture first.  

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