Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy industry is booming right now. The use of renewables has skyrocketed in recent years, even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This has meant success for those working within the industry, as well as significant opportunity for any talented professional who wants to get on board.

There are many reasons you may want to work in the Renewable Energy space, but here are just a few to explore.

Growth Potential

As previously stated, the Renewable Energy market is on the rise with no signs of slowing. Venture capitalist investment in the industry is growing rapidly and is expected to continue to do so. Similarly, there is a tremendous amount of growth potential for individuals within the industry. 

Many businesses in the renewables space have a well-thought-out career path to offer their employees. Because the industry is relatively new, organizations look to promote from within and upskill their talent regularly. The opportunity to advance is there because these businesses are investing in their talent. 


Business leaders are also investing in their employees in a very literal, direct sense. The salaries in Renewable Energy are on average higher than in many other industries, including other energy sectors like fossil fuels.

These positions also tend to come with benefits such as health care and retirement plans, which make their total compensation packages very competitive.

A Good Cause

Another notable benefit of working in Renewables is that professionals can take pride in their work knowing that it is for everyone’s benefit. Working on clean, renewable energy sources is better for our environment and planet, meaning that this industry helps to make a tangible, positive impact.

It is also worthwhile to note that land used for Renewable Energy is not impacted like land used in other energy sectors. For example, a farmer can keep crops or livestock around a windmill or field of solar panels because the equipment is not as invasive or harmful. That would not be advisable, or even possible, with other energy sources. This means that the Renewable Energy can work in tandem with the communities they service.

The Intangibles

There are so many other reasons to explore the opportunities in Renewable Energy. Here are just a few of the less tangible benefits:

  • It creates an evolving, fast-paced, creative environment
  • It offers good work-life balance
  • Diversity and Inclusion are important to many businesses in this sector
  • There is opportunity for flexible work
  • The industry is new, dynamic, and exciting
  • You get to work with other people who are enthusiastic about their jobs

If you’d like to learn more about opportunities in Renewable Energy, please reach out to our team of expert consultants today.

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