With nerves running high before an interview, you want to make sure you’re still interview ready. Since first impressions are a very important facet of the interview process, you must put your best foot forward. Do these 5 quick tips, and your interview is sure to start off right!

1. Shoes

Since first impressions are very important when interviewing for a new position, you want to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Make sure your shoes are clean, scuff free, and are interview appropriate. If you’re wearing socks or tights, check if they’re in good condition. You don’t want to notice a rip or hole on your way to an interview!

2. Clothing

An easy way to make sure you won’t get the job is wearing stained or wrinkled clothes. Always check your outfit in a mirror – front and back – to ensure your outfit is presentable and clean. The night before an interview, iron your clothes if needed and hang them up. You don’t want your hard work getting ruined. Lastly, with nerves running high, make sure you don’t have deodorant streaks on your top!

3. Resume

Many people have multiple versions of their resume, so double check that the one you’re bringing with you is the correct one and doesn’t have any spelling mistakes or wrong information. You must always print multiple copies of your resume when attending a job interview. Our consultants recommend at least 3 prints.

4. Smile

If you ate before going to an interview, double check that your teeth are clean and clear. Furthermore, the weather can do terrible things to hairstyles, so smooth and tuck any stray pieces. Again, first impressions are everything when interviewing, so you want to be your best self!

5. Your bag or briefcase

You don’t want your accessories being the center of focus, so make sure you pick a simple, muted color bag. When attending an interview, don’t carry more than one bag. Additionally, you want to make sure you’re transporting your resume safely, so when you give them out, they’re not bent or creased.

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