As many construction professionals know, talent is in demand right now. Many cities are growing and expanding, while there is a struggle to find the qualified talent to execute projects. As a result, construction professionals have a great amount of opportunity at their feet.

So where should you go to maximize that opportunity? This depends on many factors, such as experience level and range of work. But in general terms, some cities are offer more than others. When it comes to growth, pay, and employment rate, these are just some of the places where top talent can focus their job search efforts.


There are a few places that have construction needs due to natural disasters. Houston, Texas is one of these cities. After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, relief efforts launched into effect. But recovery takes a long time, and there is still a great need for rebuilding and construction. From highways to homes and beyond, there are projects abound in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Even before Harvey, there were high projections of construction growth in Houston. But with the devastation the storm brought, it gave construction professionals an opportunity to lend a helping hand while they make their living.

Las Vegas

Even cities that seem larger than life can get bigger. Las Vegas, Nevada is becoming bigger than its reputation and the city expands its offerings from just the glitz and glamour of the night life. Projects such as sports arenas and convention centers, Las Vegas is in need of excellent construction talent.

Last year, the city experienced a 15% increase in projects as well as employment growth of 9%. The state of Nevada is also a leader in terms of construction GDP growth and population growth.

New York

If you only walk a few blocks in New York City, you are bound to see construction work. The five boroughs are always improving themselves, often with the help of scaffolding, safety vests, and hard hats.

While New York state boasts the fourth highest construction wages in the country, it also employs the fourth highest number of construction workers with over 332,000 professionals. And remarkably, NYC accounts for about 150,000 of those jobs. And between 2017-2019, the city is expected to spend over $150 billion on construction projects.


Chicago, Illinois is known for its buildings and architecture. It used to be home to the tallest building in the world (the Willis Tower, commonly called the Sears Tower.) But while it doesn’t hold the top spot anymore, spectacular buildings like this one can be found all over the city.

The state of Illinois ranks high in terms of construction employment rates, as well as salary. The average salary of a construction professional here is nearly $60,000, while more experienced workers average $98,120 annually.


Minneapolis, Minnesota is taking on a lot of construction projects this year. With three bridges, a series of street and pedestrian improvements, and the Gateway skyscraper on the horizon, they’re going to need a lot of talent to get everything done.

The state sits within the top ten in terms of highest wages for construction professionals, at 15% above the national mean.

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