Pros and Cons of Working in Another State

It’s more common for employees to work over state lines these days, especially with the option of remote work. Working for a business located in a different state than where you currently reside can have a lot of positives and negatives. If you are considering working outside your state boarders, here is a list to help you decide if the pros outweigh the cons for your situation. 

Pros of Working in Another State

Potential for a higher salary 

Some states offer higher salaries than others, especially if you live near a city that is technically across state lines. If the out of state job offers a higher paying position, then it’s wise to take a higher salary into account.

More career opportunities 

In a different state, there may be more potential career paths you would have access to. For example, tech hubs like Silicon Valley and Boston have a lot to offer to people in that industry. If you don’t live in California or Massachusetts, you may not have as many opportunities locally. Widening your search outside of your immediate proximity could lead to better job prospects. 

Better work schedule 

If the out- of- state job is a remote one, you’ll have the luxury of eliminating a commute, even a short one, from your schedule. It’s also possible there is a time difference between the home office location and where you are located. In that case, the work schedule may be better to compensate for the difference. You may need to would start and end earlier, or go in and finish later. Depending on your personal preference and lifestyle, this may suit you incredibly well.

Cons of Working in Another State

Commuting costs 

If you do have to visit an office location, even rarely, cost should be considered. Depending on how far away the out of state job is, commuting costs could eat up a large chunk of your budget. Whether you’re using public transit or driving to the location, or maybe even taking a flight, factor in all of those additional costs. This also goes for time spent, as well. 


Additional taxes could be removed from your check as a result of the different tax laws if you work across state lines. At the end of the year, that out of state job could make a difference in your refund, or even lead to you owing money to the government.

Company Culture

If you work out of state, it may be more difficult for you to participate in company culture. While many businesses are working on creating a culture that includes remote employees, they are still perfecting this. Whether you’re remote or have a long commute ahead of you, you may be less inclined to participate in work gatherings after hours or special events throughout the day. This is something to consider if you’re a social person.

Find the balance in your own role for what is going to make the most sense in your career. Talk to your employer if there are any considerations for being outside the home office state lines. 

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