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It’s no secret that software engineering talent is in high demand across the United States these days. As that demand rises, so does the competition to land top-tier talent in the field, at any level of expertise and responsibility. In the current market, it’s more crucial than ever for companies to entice their top candidates to come and work with them, and to stand out among what may be a selection of other opportunities or even on-the-table offers they may be considering.

To help prospective employers find their perfect employee match, we hosted a LinkedIn Live Event on ‘Attracting and Retaining Software Engineering Talent’, and in this article, we’ve captured the highlights with tips to keep in mind when it comes to getting onboard the best of the best software engineers for your business. 

Offer a Strong Base Compensation and Benefits Package

When it’s a candidate-driven market and talent is in high demand, you have to make strong offers to stay in the running and stand out. 

That generally starts with a strong base salary offering — combined with what comes in your complete offer package, including bonus potential, equity opportunity, appealing health benefits, and a strong 401K program. 

It’s always worthwhile to reexamine your organization’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) — all of the aspects of your business a candidate considers when evaluating you as a potential employer. You can refer to our recent eBook on the subject to do just that. 

Embrace a Hybrid Working Model and Remote Culture

It’s inarguable at this point that the remote and hybrid ways of working are here to stay — that many if not most people prefer the flexibility to work remotely at least some of the time compared to a stringent schedule that requires them to be in the office five days a week.

Offering employees the option to work remotely or in a hybrid format can make you a more exciting and viable option for the most in-demand software engineering candidates, and it can also open up the recruiting pool for your company to source talent from all over the country. You can effectively set your recruiting bar higher due to a lack of geographical constraints.

Simultaneously, software engineering candidates are going to set their bars higher and have more options because being in the same area, or even time zone, is not always a requirement. 

So, if you can offer remote or hybrid working, it will likely give you a leg up on your competition and ultimately land you with the talent you need to move toward your organization’s goals.

Identify Candidates Who Align with Company Culture and Mission

Retention is key. The less often you must hire replacements for certain positions, the better. So, it’s important when searching for a fit for an open role that you find candidates who are ready to embrace your company’s mission, culture, and ways your organization works to stay true to them. 

This is one factor that may indicate their willingness to really buy into where your company is headed in the future, and that they’ll stay with you for an acceptable tenure before entertaining a move to another organization.

Respect Candidates’ Time

It’s standard practice for interviewees to be appreciative of the opportunity to be considered for a position, and to show it during the interview and through follow-up emails afterward.

However, it’s important for the interviewer to do the same. Thanking a candidate for their time and expressing an interest in the position can go a long way with software engineering professionals. 

Showing appreciation and respect at this stage indicates that you’ll do the same if they become an employee. As company culture is increasingly important to candidates, this is key.

Don’t Settle for Less Than the Best

In a competitive market, when your company is growing and needs to fill roles quickly and efficiently, it could be tempting to settle for someone to take the position before you find the absolute perfect candidate. However, it’s better to stay true to what your company needs to ensure continued success.

So, for example, if you need someone who can not only meet your software engineering needs, but also can communicate well internally or in a client-facing capacity, make sure you’re doing your due diligence in seeking out those individuals. Because the star candidates are often people who are personable as well as talented, the technical skills your organization needs are not the only things you may want to consider in a candidate. It’s important to look for the overall package.

This can all be challenging to navigate in a candidate-short talent pool such as software engineering, but our expert recruiters in this space can help to find that ideal next hire. They can also help you to stay up to date on the latest recruitment trends and market changes. 

Reach out to one of our consultants today if you could use a partner in attracting candidates and navigating the process from application to onboarding.

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