The finance department is playing an increasingly important role in defining the business strategy of a company. The more senior-level employees and managers in particular will be heavily involved in investment and financial planning decisions in an effort to maximize growth and profitability. 

Companies that are able to recruit top finance professionals who can help to drive up revenue have a competitive advantage. However, Financial Accountants, Tax Specialists, and other financial specialists are not easy to find. 

What should companies do if they want to attract the best candidates?  

Offer Flexible Working 

If it were up to job candidates, remote working would become the new normal. According to research by PageGroup, the majority would like to have the possibility to work remotely. Most of them prefer to work from home a couple of days per week. This means that employers who offer this flexibility will have a competitive advantage over those who don’t.

Invest in Company Culture 

Aside from salary and pension schemes, employees have become increasingly interested in companies that respond to their personal circumstances or family situation. Younger generations tend to look for companies that are socially responsible. Therefore, many companies are offering candidates the possibility to participate in volunteering projects to give back to society, as well as individualized support based on their particular needs and interests. They are also clearly stating their values and mission so candidates can assure that they’re in alignment with their own.

Offer Development Opportunities 

As an employer, it´s important to offer up a personal development plan which is tailor made to the needs of the candidate. If candidates can’t see room for progression with a business, they are unlikely to choose it over the competition. Training and development are also key if you want to retain your best people.  Ensure your employees are able to attend training courses and gain more skills which working with you. This will help them to feel fulfilled in their role so they are less likely to look for employment elsewhere. 

Implement a Flat Hierarchy  

Studies have shown that millennials tend to prefer a flat, transparent, and flexible way of working.  That´s why it´s important to offer future employees a high level of autonomy. The employer will assign responsibilities and goals, but how they employee achieves that success is up to them. This requires a fair amount of trust, so bear that in mind when adopting this strategy.

These are just a few strategies that can help you to find and acquire top finance talent. For more information or assistance, please reach out to one of our expert consultants today. 

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