There are a lot of products on the market, and it’s becoming difficult for some brands to stand out. But interesting package design can change that very quickly.

There are many approaches to design and finding the right one for your product may take some time. Once you nail your brand’s approach – one that speaks to your target market – you can really pull customers in with your packaging.

Here are some current trends in packaging design that are catching a lot of eyes.

Connected Packaging

Everything can be digitized these days, including packaging. Adding QR codes or other scannable tech in your package design makes the product more interactive. It opens a world of information and content for your interested customers and encourages them to engage on a deeper level with your brand. Also, including tech makes your product more relevant in an increasingly digital world.


There are a couple different ways to approach this, but nostalgia is strong in the market right now. This is especially true for millennials, mostly because of the rapid advancements in tech throughout their formative years. Both 8-bit designs and classic vintage looks are effective with this group of people. With 8-bit designs, you get a unique and compelling visual. But the vintage approach connotes quality and style.

These approaches provide a clean, classic, and recognizable look for your brand. With their style, your product will pop of the self and make customers want to display it proudly on a self.

Added Dimension

People love when packaging looks like something it isn’t. This is especially true in the food and beverage industry. Adding dimension to your design gives you a ton of room for creativity and personality. It’s a chance to leave an impression on potential customers and stand out from your competition. Done effectively, dynamic packaging can take your product to the next level.

Minimalist Design

A simple, minimalist design can also stand out from the crowd, but in a different way. There is a lot going on in package design, and minimalism gives our eyes a much-needed break. The clean look and easily-understandable labeling make products instantly appealing to the overloaded consumer. They know exactly what they’re getting with this product, and that makes their decision markedly easier. Use minimalism to get your point across quickly, with no frills involved.

Playing with Color

There are a lot of color-related trends in the marketplace, each more interesting than the last. While some brands love a pastel/nudes palette, others are keeping it simple with black and white. Bright gradients are also very popular right now. Using a single bold color is way to make a clear brand statement, especially when combined with an otherwise minimalist approach.

It may take some time to figure out what design strategies work for your brand. But finding the right one in the age of social media is increasingly important. Find a unique design that gets your message across and captures attention, and you may find your packaging on Instagram feeds everywhere.

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