As technology evolves and becomes more ingrained into daily operations for businesses of all kinds, information technology specialists will be more in demand. With advances in artificial intelligence, automation, and data collection all making headlines, it’s easy to see that these professionals are more essential than ever.

What firms will realize quickly, though, is that one IT professional may not be able to manage all the needs of a business. This is why information technology specialists are becoming so valuable.

There are many concentrations and disciplines within IT for aspiring specialists to focus on, from security to development and beyond. Here are just a few of the many specializations you can explore.


With significant hacks and data leaks entering the arena of public conversation, IT professionals who are experts in cybersecurity are increasingly sought-after. As businesses collect more and more information about their customer base, there is a higher risk of that information being compromised.

As a result, it is estimated that the demand for information technology specialists who operate in cybersecurity will increase 18% by 2024.

An information technology specialist in this field would concentrate on compliance and legal issues in addition to ethical hacking, coding, securing programs and databases, mobile device forensics, and more.

Data Management

As previously stated, companies are collecting a lot of personal information about their customers. Whether it’s spending habits, search history, or preferences, this information is accruing at lighting speed.

But just because a business has this information does not mean they know how to leverage it properly. Information technology specialists in data management do.

They know how to ensure that the data they collect is of good quality and how to analyze it for their specific needs. They also know how to collect and store it safely. They help to make sense of the plethora of information they receive and can derive a plan of action for their business.

Software Development

Businesses rely on software of all kinds for daily operations. You can use software for a customized database, a method of billing clients, a communication tool – the possibilities are virtually endless.

That’s why an information technology specialist in software development can be so essential. These professionals can program and create systems to ensure the optimization of operational tasks. They complete research, develop the system and code it, and test it to make sure it operates as desired.

The software these IT professionals engineer could be the glue holding a company together, so it is key that they are experts in their field. Therefore, being a specialist in this area could be a great option for those who enjoy code and problem-solving.

Web Design and Application Development

Having a web site and accompanying mobile application (app) seems to be a prerequisite for success these days. So businesses will see the value of an information technology specialist in web design and app development.

This specialization is similar to software development in a few ways. Coding is necessary, for instance, as is testing and debugging. However, these professionals work with systems that will function online and be customer-facing.

This particular IT specialization offers a lot of room for creativity. So, it will be an excellent option for those who have are seeking some freedom, or autonomy, in an IT role.

Network Administration

For an IT specialist who is also business-savvy, a specialization in network administration could be the answer.

An information technology specialist in this field will help to create business solutions for a specific company or firm, often focusing on one specific challenge. They are especially in-demand for small, growing firms. This offers an opportunity for these IT specialists to make a large impact in their job.

If you want to be successful in network administration, though, it is imperative that you stay up to date on current trends in the tech space. This will help the business you work with stay ahead of the competition.

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