At Michael Page, we always enjoy seeing our new consultants succeed, especially when they do so quickly.  For example, Molly Sullivan joined Michael Page less than one year ago in September of 2020. Just a few months later, in the first quarter of 2021, she became one of the top billers in our Boston office. She is currently building on that success as part of our Property and Construction team.

We sat down with her to find out how she feels about her experience with Michael Page so far.

What made you take an interview with Michael Page?

Molly: “Someone reached out to me through LinkedIn. At the time, I wasn’t actively looking to change jobs yet, but I was interested in hearing what was out there. I had heard about Michael Page because some of my old colleagues had made a move there. 

After talking to her, she hit all of my biggest pain points at my former employer and explained why Michael Page would be a better fit. One example was the overall work environment. Work-life balance and flexibility are such a huge thing here. It was not that way at my old job. 

I also felt like this position was really lucrative, and managing both sides of the business and having a full desk was something I never had a chance to do previously. So, that really got my interested and I was very bought-in once the interview process started.” 

What surprised you about the job?

“The time spent really getting me up and running in the role. All the trainings are really thorough and ongoing. With formal training and then the training you get from your managers, they’re not going to let you fail. They’re going to be super honest about what you need to work on and because of that, I feel like I got up and running so quickly.” 

What is your favorite part of a working day?

“In the office, it’s the camaraderie with the team. That’s definitely something to look forward to. When we’re working at home, it’s similar; those team bonding moments and team meetings. It’s great, also, when you’re working hard and something swings in your favor, like you talk to an excellent candidate. But I think the team culture is my favorite part.”

Describe your relationship with your team…

“We’ve very close-knit and always supporting each other and wanting everyone to succeed. The best part is that we’re all so motivated, so everyone’s competitive with each other while being supportive. 

We also like to do outings when we can. Everyone gets along, there’s no drama, it’s just super easy-going and helpful. “ 

Tell me about a highlight of your career so far…

“It was definitely this past quarter and hitting bonus. After getting up and running and having that momentum come through, it was just an unreal quarter. Every day something exciting was happening, like a deal being closed. It was really nice to have that momentum and I feel like I proved myself.” 

Do you have any advice for someone considering working here? Why they should apply, and what they should bear in mind when they start if they’re brought onboard?

“Be open to having a conversation, even if you’re not sure about making a move yet. It’s definitely interesting to know what Michael Page offers.

I actually wish I had done it sooner because I’ve learned so much in the past few months, I wonder what would have happened if I had done it a year ago. 

I’d say apply if you’re money-motivated, want a fun culture, or both. Also, if you want some flexibility, some work-life balance.

Something to bear in mind when you start is to be open to feedback. They’re giving it because they want you to succeed, so be patient with yourself. Let yourself learn and ask questions. It really is a matter of the work you put in at the beginning coming back to you.” 

If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities and opportunities Michael Page has to offer, you can read interviews with two of our other consultants, Samantha Golay and Kendall Barnett, or find further information here

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