So you landed an interview, congrats grad! If your resume does not have a lot of work experience, you have you sell yourself in an interview. Utilize the tips below, and your interviews are sure to be a success. 
1.    Have an idea of where you want to go
This could simply be that you know you want to move to a new area or that you know what industry you want to work in. You learned a lot in college – now demonstrate that! Think about what classes or internships you enjoyed and what ones you didn’t. Use your past experiences as guides to finding what career path you want to go down. Sell yourself to the interviewer by demonstrating your knowledge and proven interest in the industry.
2.    Say what you learned from your experiences, not what you did
If your job experience is sparse, you need to set yourself apart from other recent grads. Employers want somebody that not only can do the job requirements, but they want somebody that demonstrates they’re willing to learn and will mesh with the company culture. You need to show and tell them why you're right for the job.
3.    Make sure your resume is perfect and ready to go
Nowadays, when applying for a job, you simply have to electronically submit your resume and cover letter. You want to make sure both of these documents are free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Ask multiple people to help you edit your resume, as they can catch simple errors that you’ve missed! Remember, this is the item that is your first impression and can land you an interview, so make sure it’s flawless and demonstrates who you are.
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