“What Interests You About This Position?” Best Answers

One of the most common questions you will come across in a job interview is, “What interests you about this position?” It may seem like a simple question, but there are myriad ways to answer and some strategies are more effective than others. 

The first step to answering this question in the most advantageous way is to understand why it is being asked in the first place.

Why Do Interviewers Ask, “What Interests You About This Position?”

For an interviewer, this question serves several purposes. It helps them to determine if you fully understand the requirements of this position, both those clearly stated in the job description and those which may be less obvious or implied. It also provides an opportunity to assess your prior experience and skills in direct conjunction with those needed, and whether your goals align with that of the team and wider organization.

With all of this in mind, you can thoughtfully craft an answer that will tick every box the interviewer has in mind when asking, “What interests you about this position?”

The Passionate Answer

This approach allows you to show that you truly do care about the job, the company, and their goals. You may choose to speak about the company mission statement and how it aligns with your values, or your role as a team player in previous roles. Be careful to back up your feelings about this opportunity with concrete examples of why this passion will benefit the team, as loving your job is important but certainly not the only thing that matters. How will this contribute to the bottom line?

The Analytical Answer

You may choose to take a more mathematical approach to the question, “What interests you about this position?” To show that you’ve done your research, match up your skills and experience with those listed in the job description. This not only illustrates that you are a fit for this position, but also gives you an opportunity to talk about the growth you can bring to the table. How do you plan to exceed the requirements of this job as you upskill and continue to learn? 

The Mutually Beneficial Answer

This strategy allows you to explain how you would benefit the company, and how this position would further your career. This shows that you are thinking about the situation from multiple angles, which is certainly a positive trait to exhibit. It also allows you to explain the various ways in which you could add to the organization. As in the other two examples, always tie your skills and experiences to those in the job listing to show attention to detail.

Other Things to Consider

Here are some other points to bear in mind when answering the question, “What interests you about this position?”

  • Do not use generic or vague answers. Be as specific and personal as possible with this question.
  • Don’t bring up job perks or aspects of the job that only benefit you. This can imply that you only want the job for its monetary value, not the merit of the position itself.
  • Show enthusiasm but remain professional in demeanor.
  • Use professional language. For example, don’t say, “I love what this company is about.” Instead, say, “I believe that my personal values align with those of the company,” and explain how you came to that conclusion in your research.

Your response to this question will be unique, so spend time crafting it as you see fit. For additional interview and job search insights, please browse our advice section or reach out to one of our consultants today.