As we face many difficult challenges due to COVID-19, you may be surprised to know that some industries are still looking for top talent to add to the fold. Some of these companies are responding directly to our situation, while others simply know that they’ll need people on their teams once this subsides.

Whatever the reason, the talented candidates who find themselves on the market right now could find themselves employed in short order. Here are some of the fields you should be looking at.


Engineering and manufacturing are still essential right now. These companies are producing medical equipment, personal protective equipment, and even some of our wider necessities. Some have had to pivot or ramp up their output to meet our needs, which means that they are still seeking talent.

Supply Chain

Those manufactured goods need a way to get to the consumers, in many cases directly. This means that supply chain and procurement professionals are greatly needed during this crisis. Everyone from buyers to truck drivers is required.


A bit more obvious, healthcare and life science professionals are on the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic. We need as many qualified, talented people working on the issue as possible. There are many opportunities for those with training and the ability to share their skills to do so.


A good portion of the professional world has moved to remote work. We’re depending on technology more than ever. The technology industry has had to keep up with a significant spike in demand, especially video conferencing apps. As such, tech offers many opportunities to qualified professionals right now.

Banking and Financial Services

We’re not yet sure exactly what the financial impact of this pandemic will be, but we can already tell that lending and other financial services will continue to be in demand. Therefore, the banking and financial services sector is staffing up.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these opportunities, please reach out to one of our Michael Page consultants today.