Job searching can be an overwhelming and daunting task - even for the most seasoned professionals. As a candidate, what should you look out for when researching and interviewing at a business? We’ve compiled a list of 5 red flags that could pop up in your search.
1. Bad Glassdoor reviews   
Take Glassdoor reviews with a grain of salt, as you have to remember the majority of people leaving Glassdoor reviews have already left that company. However, if a company consistently has negative reviews, there is a good chance there’s some truth to them.
2. Difficulty getting in touch with hiring representative
A spotty or flakey hiring representative doesn’t only prolong the job search timeline but provides insight into how things are run at that business. If communication and processes are disorganized during the hiring process, it’ll be like that after you’re hired. You want a company that is easy to communicate with and openly available.
3. Disorganized office space
Interviews are all about first impressions, not only for the hiring manager but for the candidate as well. If a workspace is messier than a normal office space, take note that the management is probably disorganized, too.
4. Interview issues
Interviews are planned in accordance with both the interviewer and the candidate’s schedule. Interviewer tardiness or impromptu changes denote a lack of company organization. Also, note your interviewer’s responses to your questions and their preparedness, they should be as ready for the interview as you are.
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