Congrats grad, you did it! After the excitement of finishing finals, graduating, and celebrating, it’s time to get back into your job search. This can seem daunting and overwhelming, but utilize these 3 tips, and you’ll be on the right path to finding your first job.

1. You don't have to work in the same field as your major

Many recent grads think they’re confined to careers in the field that they studied, but that’s not the case! Sometimes students realize late in their college career that their major isn't right for them, and that's ok! Many companies offer internships for recent graduates, so if you’re still debating what industry you want to work in, an internship might be right for you.

2. Network, network, network

Although the Internet is a great tool for finding available jobs, “old-fashioned” face-to-face networking can be your greatest asset for recent grads. Call past internship employers, family members, and close friends to seek out career and job search advice – you’ll be surprised how much your personal connections can help you.

3. Polish your social media presence

Since we live in the digital age, many employers will utilize your personal social media as a way to get to know you better. You want to present your best self to a potential employer, so make sure your profiles are appropriate yet showcase your personality. For more information on how to clean up your social media, click here.

If you're ready to find your first job, contact a Michael Page recruitment consultant or search our open jobs to get started on your search!