So…you’ve spent time in an industry that just doesn’t quite fit you. Where does life go after being a professional athlete, a bartender, a waiter, or a lawyer? Surprisingly far, because luckily each of these roles embodies the exact characteristics it takes to succeed as a recruiter. Also known as “headhunters,” recruitment consultants are the key players in the job market, working with companies who are hiring, and sourcing the best possible candidates for them. So what are the transferable skills you have? Read on and discover.

1) Athlete

The recruitment process is like a high-stakes sports game – you enter the field with a goal in mind and form a competitive strategy to win. People with a sports background thrive as recruiters – not only do they truly embody the “work hard play hard attitude” but also overcome obstacles with persistence and tenacity.

2) Sales Professional

Sales professionals embody many of the key characteristics in a recruiter: excellent communication skills, persuasive power, determination, resilience, and energy. As a recruiter, you must be able to sell the client to the candidate and the candidate to the client, viewing every successful placement as a closed sale. While sales professions come in many forms (telemarketing, real estate, business development, gym membership sales, account executives, etc.) each have the ability to make extraordinary recruiters.

3) Bartender / Waiter

People in the service industry have a remarkable ability to thrive under pressure, effectively engaging people while completing many tasks, including helping their colleagues and working towards earning great tips. In the world of recruiting, achieving weekly and monthly goals is fueled by the ability to build excellent relationships, unstoppable passion and incredible focus. When this is channeled into the world of recruiting, this can lead to a lucrative and satisfying career.

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