Jobs of the Future: What Will Our Children’s Careers Look Like?

It is undeniable that rapidly evolving technology is changing the very nature of work. Just a decade ago, widespread remote work would have seemed like a dream. Today, it is more commonplace than we could have imagined.

We can expect this trend to continue to gain momentum as time goes on, completely transforming the workforce in a matter of years. It is increasingly likely that the next generation simply will not have the same kinds of careers we do.

It is projected that 35% of in-demand skills will be replaced in just a few years, and while few jobs can be completely automated, about 15% of activities and tasks can be. This will change the very nature of most jobs. In fact, it’s likely that 65% of children who are just now entering school will go on to have jobs that don’t yet exist. 
Jobs of the Future

So, what kinds of jobs will our kids have throughout their lifetimes? While it is difficult to make predictions with certainty, we can indeed look at technology trends and other key factors (such as climate change) to lay out some strong possibilities.
Experts are projecting that some new job titles may include:

  • Robot Tech: This technician will perform routine maintenance and repairs on robots that will become commonplace over time.
  • Artificial Organ Farmer: As we get close to replicating organic matter, we can expect these scientists to regularly grow organs for transplant patients. 
  • Climate Engineer: While there are many scientists already working on climate solutions, we expect this title to become more commonplace. 
  • AI Specialist: As Artificial Intelligence develops and becomes more reliable, we’ll need more professionals to oversee its operation and use. 
  • Space Pilot: We’re inching closer and closer to commercial space flight. Therefore, pilots will be needed. 
  • Data Detective: This professional will be an advanced data analyst, looking for both the big picture and smallest of details when problem solving and data mining. 
  • Sustainability Manager: Sustainability is a key concern for many organizations right now. We will likely see people brough on board to oversee these processes, and perhaps even enter the boardroom. 
  • Extinct Species Biologist: Jurassic Park may be closer to reality than you’d expect. As developing organs becomes common, it’s likely that reviving extinct species may be the next step in the process. 

New Key Skills

While it’s hard to say exactly what our kids will be doing in their professional lives, it’s a bit easier to say what skills they’ll need with confidence.

Interpersonal, creative, and soft skills will be essential going forward. We’ve seen this shift start to happen over the past year as these skills have become some of the most sought-after, regardless of industry. Employers are searching for these skills now more than ever, and we expect that trend to continue for the foreseeable future.

We’ll also see a clean digital footprint and internet navigation skills step into the forefront. This means more than just good research skills. There will be etiquette and ethics that exist in digital spaces and it will be essential for future candidates to master them.

While there is still a lot of innovation and unknowns ahead, we can say with confidence that the working world will surely look different in just a handful of years. So, we have all the more reason to keep your fingers on the pulse of the industry.