Seeking out-of state employment can be a harrowing experience for a job seeker. The challenges of moving, coupled with the competition with candidates local to that market can be stressful. However, keep these three tips in mind to ensure your transition isn’t too rough.

Clarify your cover letter and resume 

You have two options when editing your resume. You can opt to remove your address, or note underneath your current address that you are relocating to the city in question. This is essential as many hiring managers are quick to dismiss out-of-state applicants due to time restraints or the possibility of having to pay relocation fees, so ensure you’re being clear during the initial steps of the hiring process. In your cover letter, address why you are wanting to move, and articulately communicate your motivations for doing so. 

Budget correctly

If you’re not being recruited to move for a new job, many businesses will expect you to pay for the relocation expenses. If you are willing and able to incur all of the relocation costs, you must express this in a cover letter or convey this immediately to a hiring manager during an interview. Moving is expensive so ensure you’re budgeting correctly and accurately. Additionally, many companies will not want to pay for you to fly out for an interview, so be prepared to pay for this out of pocket. Make the most out of it and plan a few days for your trip and interview at a couple different places.

Plan your interviews

Many companies will allow the initial interviews to be done remotely via a phone call or Skype. However, in many situations, the hiring personnel will want to meet you in person once you made it past the first round or two of interviews. Try to coordinate a series of interviews you can attend while you’re out there.
Although moving and finding a new job can be daunting, but utilize these tips will help you navigate the process. To get started on your job search, visit our open jobs, or speak with a Michael Page consultant.