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Once You've Registered


Beginning the Process

Once you have registered with us, we will commence the job search process whereby we will match you with relevant positions. If appropriate and convenient, we will meet with you to measure your skills against a set of our client's pre-determined criteria. In turn, you are able to ask questions about the role and the company, and decide whether you feel it suits your requirements. Additionally, we will always continue to suggest other available roles that may also be appropriate for you, until you have secured a position and tell us to do otherwise.


We never send your resume out to companies unless you have given us prior permission. You are assured complete confidentiality with both your resume and all of the information that you supply us with, of a personal and a company nature.  

A Two-way Process

Your relationship with Michael Page should be a two-way process. Our consultants meet many high caliber job searchers, so it's not always possible to be in contact with you constantly. Although, we welcome your calls and your feedback, and want you to be actively involved in the recruitment process.
To get started use browse jobs or contact one of our offices directly.