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Key Data

Founded: 1981 by Dr. Robert J. Shillman
Co-founders: William Silver and Marilyn Matz
Headquarters: One Vision Drive, Natick, MA 01760
+1 (508) 650-3000
Employees: 1,100
2013 Revenue: $354 million.
What we do: Machine vision and industrial ID for manufacturing and automation
Senior Management: Robert J. Shillman, Chairman 
Robert Willett, President & Chief Executive Officer
Richard A. Morin, Executive Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer 
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Stock Information: Nasdaq: CGNX
Publicly traded since 1989
The Meaning of "Cognex" Cognition Experts
Typical applications: Error-proofing product assembly and other manufacturing tasks
Detecting defects
Identifying and tracking product parts
Robot guidance
Detecting surface defects in steel, paper and plastics