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The Top 5 Reasons to Join PageGroup

1)      You Can Hop Up The Corporate Ladder in 2.53 Seconds

Drake isn’t the only one who goes from 0 to 100 real quick. Some of our best recruiters have been promoted three times in one year, talk about Young Money. During your ascension up the corporate ladder, our world-class training team will act as your spotters on the ground. Career growth and professional development are number one at PageGroup.


2)      You Can Embrace Your Jet-Set Spirit

Hit your targets and we’ll send you off travelling on a work trip, where trust us - there will be absolutely no working. How could you possibly concentrate while yachting in Montauk or rolling the dice in Vegas? Oh, and did we mention our 20 vacation days…why not extend your adventure another few days?


3)      Constant Variety - Every Day is Different

People say it often, but at Page Group it’s 100% true – every day is different. A new job, a new project…you might even end up enjoying a major league sporting event in the private suite of one of our business partners, or indulging in the kitchen of one of our hospitality clients – boredom is not an option.


4)      You Can Easily  Work in Another City or Country

We have 11 offices across the US and Canada in major metropolitan areas, and if you decide to move to another location we can help. We won Global Mobility Team of the Year for a reason.


5)      International Exposure?

Accents? Check! Relocation? Check! International clients? Pshhhtt… our bread & butter


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