Internships provide a great opportunity to gain commercial experience and learn new skills. Participants who stand out and display a genuine capacity for a role may be able to turn their interning experience into a job offer.

Many companies offer internship programs, either over the summer or for a set period of time during the year. While no company can guarantee a job offer at the end of that time, it’s not uncommon for exceptional interns to be offered the opportunity to return in a full-time role.
Here are eight key ways to improve your chances of landing a job offer at the end of your internship.

1. Research the Company

Find out everything you can about the company before you start. It will give you a distinct advantage in understanding how the business works and the nature of specific projects when they arise. You should also try to find out if the company tends to keep interns on after their program has finished.

2. Ask Questions

Employers like to see interns who are engaged and eager to learn. Always ask intelligent questions about areas of the business that you don’t understand. Remember, the more you learn about the company, the easier it will be to assess how you might fit in on a more permanent basis.

3. Set Goals

Outline your goals and the skills you’d like to acquire to your manager during the first week of your internship. You should also communicate your aims and establish early on what the company’s expectations are of you.

4. Work Hard

This one is a no-brainer. Employers want to hire people that work hard and demonstrate initiative. Try to anticipate what you could do next, and ask for more work when you’re coming to the end of a particular assignment. Producing quality work – and putting your hand up for additional tasks – are great ways to build your brand as a valuable employee that isn’t afraid of hard work.

5. Be Professional

Always dress the way you’d like to be perceived in the workplace and adhere to the company’s dress code. Observe official office hours, arrive early if you can and leave no sooner than other staff members leave.

6. Get to Know Everyone

Make the effort to get to know as many people as you can at all levels. A reputation for being polite, friendly and approachable can go a long way for an intern. Always be respectful and remember to avoid getting involved in office politics or gossip at all costs.

7. Be Positive

Always appear enthusiastic regardless of how menial the work appears. Ask to be included in meetings and always strive to be helpful to your co-workers.

8. Learn From Others

Find co-workers who enjoy imparting their professional knowledge to you and impress upon everyone that you’re there, hopefully for the long-haul, to enhance their team and their work efforts. 
Even if your internship doesn’t result in a permanent position, it can still be a place to make valuable connections for your future career. To learn how to network while you intern and in your future career, read these helpful tips.