Companies will often conduct interviews over the phone to save time or if distance is an issue. But if you’ve got a phone interview coming up, don’t think that you can relax because the interviewer can’t see you. Here are five ways to guarantee your telephone interview goes well.

1. If Possible, Use a Landline

Cell phones are less reliable than their home (or office) phone counterparts; they’re more likely to lose signal, for one. Also, committing to a landline means you’re likely to be in one place, with minimal background noise.

2. Dress Up

It sounds silly – after all, nobody can see you. But the right outfit will give you the confidence you need to rise to the occasion.

3. Stand Up

Standing up will energize you so you come across as more animated.

4. Prepare Your Interview Space

Have your CV and the job description in front of you so you can refer back to them as often as you need.

5. Take Notes

Remember, this is the only interview where you can use your notes. Make the most of the opportunity with well-crafted answers – just be careful not to read a prepared response. It will sound much more natural if you use your notes as inspiration only.
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