From nearshoring to globalization, many businesses are moving to the great state of Texas. While these relocations naturally boost the economy of their respective fields, we are seeing a particularly strong boom in the construction industry. How exactly does this work, and what does it mean for construction businesses?

The Effect of Relocation

As organizations move into larger Texas cities like Austin, Houston, and Dallas, they need a place to do business. While many office buildings do already exist here, they’re in need of improvements, expansions, and enhancements, and in some cases, entirely new buildings need to be constructed.

Additionally, with more business comes more people. This means that residential buildings will get the same treatment as industrial and corporate structures. More multi-family dwellings will be in demand, as well as single-family homes in more suburban areas.

Infrastructure improvements will also be necessary as more people need to commute and live in these areas.

In summation, these additional companies and the people that come with them give a lift to every facet of the Texas construction industry.

What This Means for Firms

This booming construction industry means more work for firms across Texas. While this is a great opportunity and will lead to financial gains, there is also a challenge that comes with it.

The country is currently experiencing a talent shortage. This means that there are not enough talented, qualified construction professionals to fill the many open positions on the market right now. This candidate-driven market can cause some problems for management and owners.

Firms will have to work hard to acquire the talent to complete these jobs on time and on budget. If they do so, it’s likely that this will lead to more work in the future. Therefore, an investment in talent is extremely important for Texas firms now.

At Michael Page, we have expert recruitment consultants who specialize in the Texas construction market. Our team can help you to find top talent that fits your requirements and can even bring you candidates who are not active on the market.

This assistance can make all the difference in any candidate-driven market, but especially in Texas construction right now.

If you’d like to speak more about this, please reach out to our team of expert Michael Page recruitment consultants. You can also browse more of our advice here.

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