The world is becoming increasingly environmentally-conscious. As such, many industries have been adjusting their practices and strategies. Companies are working towards becoming more sustainable by changing what materials they use, as well as the processes they implement.

Construction firms that attempt to do the same will find themselves ahead of the curve. They may even have a competitive advantage when bidding on projects if developers and other decision-makers value eco-friendly work.

So, what kind of options are out there for construction firms that seek to become greener?

Use Green Materials

While we still have some room to improve our recycling practices, there are many opportunities to utilize recycled materials in a build. Recycled steel and wood from previously demolished buildings can often be refurbished and used safely in a new structure. This process does require some adjustments to demolition practices, but if materials are salvaged and preserved properly, they can be reused in good faith.

Even if these materials are new, making sure that they could be reused in the future is one step closer to a sustainable build. Materials that are long-lasting and sturdy are most definitely worth the investment. Insulation is also key in sustainable construction, as much of a building’s energy escapes through poor insulation. Materials like wool, recycled cotton, and straw bales are popular and effective options.

Eco-Friendly Practices

There are many simple things that can be done on a site to conserve energy and limit emissions. For example, making sure that no equipment is ever left running when not in use is essential. This is not only cost-effective (you’re using less fuel), but also environmentally sound.

A more proactive approach is using electric vehicles and machinery. While this would be an upfront investment, the tide is turning toward normalization of electric vehicles. In a few years they will most likely account for most machines on the road, so your firm will be ahead of the curve. Having a competitive advantage and decreasing your carbon footprint is a win-win scenario.

You can also recycle water via irrigation systems and implement solar and wind power whenever possible. How exactly this can be most effective will depend on your project, but always keep these options in mind.

Trying to incorporate more effective and efficient materials and processes into your construction strategy is not only an advantage now, but also will be vital to your future success. To learn more about construction trends, please browse our Michael Page advice section.

If you are looking for talented professionals with experience using eco-friendly materials and practices, please reach out to one of our expert recruitment consultants today.

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