At Michael Page, we believe that it is essential for the future of every enterprise that diversity is adopted as a universal principle, enabling individuality to flourish regardless of gender, ethnicity, color, nationality, ethnic or national origins, martial status, age, disability, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs. We demonstrate a commitment to diversity in all our searches for clients.
As an organization, diversity has been an integral part of the service we provide to candidates, clients, our workforce and the community over a number of years. More recently, we have increased the emphasis placed on diversity since we believe we are in a unique position to make a positive contribution to driving inclusion and alleviating bias in the workplace. Michael Page is an international employer – with 162 offices in 35 countries. We are a market leader in a broad range of disciplines enabling us to dedicate significant resources to diversity.

 Michael Page Focuses on Diversity

We have our own internal diversity policy which is communicated to all employees. It is coordinated by our Diversity Steering Committee, led by Managing Director Simon Lewis. This steering committee ensures an on-going commitment to diversity with awareness training for management and employees.
We strive to ensure that we offer our clients the most qualified candidates on the basis of their relevant skills and abilities and that those candidates are drawn from diverse backgrounds. We have a variety of methods to monitor and analyze numbers from specific target groups to ensure diversity is being actively encouraged.
We assist clients in enhancing their own diversity through our consultative approach and access to a wide range of media.
Through our sponsorship of specific events and targeted advertising, we can get our message out to the heart of individual communities and groups – and add value to our clients in supplying a diverse slate of candidates for each role.

 Diversity Associations

At Michael Page, we work with a number of Diversity Associations such as:
  • Association of Latino Professionals
  • National Black MBA Association
  • National Society of Hispanic MBAs
  • Hundred Women in Hedge Funds
  • National Association of Black Journalists
  • National Alliance of Market Developers
  • National Association of Hispanic Journalists
  • National Black Public Relations Society
  • Foundation of Women Executives in Public Relations
  • Out and Equal Workplace Advocates
  • Colleges and diverse organizations e.g.
  • National Association of Black Accountants
  • National Hispanic Business Association
  • Women on Wall Street
Through our network and contacts, we are able to successfully target candidates from these backgrounds.

Equal Opportunities in the Provision of Services

Michael Page is committed to providing services which are relevant and accessible to all those who might wish to use them. Staff are required to be fully aware of their responsibilities in this respect; they must ensure that systems of referral of our services do not operate to exclude or discourage participation, and all employees must be welcoming to all potential clients.

Responsibility For The Equal Opportunities Policy and Diversity

Michael Page's equal opportunities policy is the responsibility of every member of staff to apply. Those who hold supervisory, management or other senior positions have additional and particular responsibilities to ensure the effectiveness of its application and the commitment of all staff and others to it. Initiatives to ensure the effective promotion of our policies and to measure their success include:
  • In-house and external training on diversity issues
  • Monitoring of our database
  • The diversification of our own workforce of consultants
  • Training our consultants in competency-based interview techniques, using behavioral and value-based criteria as well as relevant experience
  • The appointment, where applicable, of a dedicated diversity consultant on specific client account team
To learn more about our commitment to diversity, contact a Michael Page consultant now.