As a candidate, what about PageGroup did you find to be most appealing?

While interviewing at Michael Page, I was interviewing with three other recruitment firms and two other sales positions. I was a grad, so with my limited corporate experience it was tough comparing any of the potential places with previous experiences. However, interviewing with a few other recruitment firms was eye-opening. It was clear to me from my first interview with PageGroup that this company was not just about the billings and making quick money (which was of course very appealing in itself), but in addition, the opportunity to actually grow your career. Michael Page has always looked to hire people who have the potential to become future Managers and Directors. I was attracted to the amount of time and training that is put into new hires as well as the opportunity to fully make a career for yourself in a short period of time. What you put in is fully what you get out – your success is up to YOU. There are not many other firms where after 2-3 years out of college you can be managing a team of recruiters and looking to grow a million-dollar business on your own. I was enticed by the idea that I would not be treated differently as a grad. This was not an “entry level position” to me. At any other company that is what every position felt like, simply “entry level” and I would have to wait a certain amount of time in order to move up the corporate hierarchy. I wanted something more than that. With Michael Page, it was a career from the very start.

How has your career evolved while at PageGroup?

When I started at Michael Page in 2013, I came in as an Associate Consultant. I was focused solely on my personal billings and building out my own market. After a few early successful quarters, I wanted to take the next step. For me, that was hiring someone to work for me and begin my track to management. I was very focused on becoming a Manager quickly yet effectively by hiring good people at the right times. Stepping into 2018, I now Manage a team of eight consultants. Over the past four and a half years, my career has evolved from just focusing on my own billing to now maintaining my own billing in addition to Managing and developing my team. As I look ahead into my career with Michael Page, I am very focused on my succession plan and maximizing on the talented recruiters our team currently has while continuously looking to hire more talent.

What is a common misconception about working in recruitment? Can you set the record straight for us?

Cold calling. Too many people think this job is looking at resumes all day and making cold calls. It couldn’t be less true. This job is so much more than just calling people whose resumes you find on job boards. It is a consultative sales job. We are sales people who also advise our candidates and clients on decisions because we are specialists in the markets we recruit for.

What qualities are needed to be a successful recruiter?

Determination, resilience, and being able to take initiative.