1. Tell us about your PageGroup career so far 

I have been with Michael Page for 4 years now. Though I had some years of experience in Germany, I started as an Associate Consultant. However, I got promoted very quick to Recruitment Consultant and 6 month later to SRC. I started recruiting Accounting and Finance temp and decided to go the Page Elite route because I knew Management wasn’t for me at that time. My top priority was to make money as quickly as possible. After living in NYC for over 6 years, it occurred to me my next steps should involve experiencing a new city. So, I transferred to sunny Cali. Here I am a year later - living in beautiful Los Angeles, a member of the Millionaires Club, recruiting Property & Construction, and managing a successful team of 10. 

2. What is most rewarding about your job?

Honestly, it’s the people I report into. I was lucky right from the beginning to have worked with great mentors in NYC such as Andy Hsu and here in LA Tom Lilley and Maxime Masraff. Everyone supported me, and most importantly they let me be who I am and helped me in their own way. Having the support of the upper management in the organization and being able to learn from great leaders allowed me to step into management a little later in my career and not miss a beat. I have to give my Managers and Directors a lot of credit for allowing me to run my team, and now I hope to pass some of these values and lessons onto my consultants. 

3. Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about joining PageGroup?

Do your research before joining any company. However, I suggest thinking about what they want to accomplish in their career and look at how this would be achievable at PageGroup. I believe it’s typically the case that no matter what you want out of a career, it is possible at PageGroup. There are so many different avenues and options at PageGroup you just have to realize the opportunity and push yourself to reach your potential.

4. As a candidate, what about PageGroup did you find to be most appealing?

When I was interviewing with PageGroup, 3 things really stuck out to me: 1. the opportunity 2. the clear-cut promotion structure 3. the culture. These 3 things really made the decision a no-brainer for me. I feel that I have taken advantage of the promotion structure and opportunity, and it is the people and culture that make me excited to come into work every day and strive to achieve my next promotion.  

5. What is the leadership team at PageGroup like?

Transparency is one of the main attributes of the leadership team here at PageGroup. Even beyond your discipline and team, each leader is approachable and accessible. Whether you are a new starter or 10 years in the business, you are treated equally, and you are constantly learning from those above you.

6. What is a common misconception about working in recruitment? Can you set the record straight for us?

The common misconception is that as recruiters we are just trying to make placements and don’t care about the candidates as individuals. However, this is not the case any good recruiter genuinely cares for the candidates they represent. It is so much better being able to influence the lives of people for the better, and this makes this job worthwhile. We even have a “Changing Lives” initiative that highlights these experiences. 

7. What qualities are needed to be a successful recruiter?

The right attitude and work ethic! Attitude will bring you to altitude.