1. Tell us about your PageGroup career so far 
Starting in recruitment in September 2015, I had a background in selling Life Insurance. As with most people, I had never considered getting into recruitment, but long story short, PageGroup has fundamentally changed my life! Four promotions in 3.5 years and has bought me from recruiting in Southampton, to South West London, and then to Los Angeles. In a little more detail, I started life as a Consultant, recruiting Procurement professionals in the consumer space. After being promoted the following year to Senior Consultant, I kicked on to be the #2 permanent recruiter in Procurement & Supply Chain nationally in 2017 taking me to my third promotion of Business Manager. In 2018 I relocated to Los Angeles to develop my career further. Within 6 months, I was promoted to Manager. This take us to the present day. I see the next few promotions ahead of me paired with living in an amazing city! Thank you PageGroup!
2. What is most rewarding about your job?
This is a tough one. I am a person who loves recruitment, but I also enjoy seeing people doing well. If I am honest, the buzz of making a placement will never go away. Since I’ve been managing, the excitement on people faces when they make their first placement is priceless as well!
3. Do you have any advice to anybody thinking about joining PageGroup?
Do it! Do well, enjoy it, and you never need another job!
4. What is the leadership team at PageGroup like?
Excellent. All Managers and Directors have been in your shoes. They drive you to be better, they are compassionate when required, and they will always want the best for the people that work for them.