How has your career evolved at PageGroup?

I started at Michael Page as the most junior person on my team coming in as an Associate Consultant which took some time getting used to. I had 3 years retail experience and worked at Starbucks while in school full time, so I've had jobs before, but realized PageGroup isn’t a job, it’s a career. I had to learn about the industry I was recruiting in, and get accustomed to all the PageGroup ways as well. I stayed focused and kept my head down, and as soon as I started building some confidence, feeling like the rookie didn't matter because I found common ground with people in other ways. After finding my footing and seeing success in year 2, I now manage the team I started on as an AC, AND I also manage the team I worked beside! There's no other place you'd have this kind of opportunity. My managers at PageGroup always gave me constructive feedback, which is how I got to this place I'm in now.

PageGroup has influenced my personal life and shaped me into who I am today. I have gained independence, built confidence and used to be afraid to do on my own

What did you do with your first bonus?

I went and bought myself custom crocodile booties from NYC brand Modern Vice, and Jordan (the designer behind Modern Vice) fitted them on me himself!

What qualities are needed to be a successful recruiter?

A successful recruiter needs to be able to listen and take feedback! I've seen so many people come in who are good sales people, but because they have an attitude towards receiving feedback and retaining it, they never improve. Feedback is not always enjoyable, but is necessary. Your managers are here to up skill the consultants, and if feedback is never exchanged, you'll remain complacent and will not improve.

Give an example of an understated element of PageGroup that makes working here so great.

The best thing about PageGroup that people don't realize is that we all come from various work backgrounds and experiences and families, which adds value to the unique way each recruiter does his/her job. Seeing everyone's various styles of how they go about their candidate and client conversations helped me realize that I should be leveraging my quirkiness, rather than trying to fit inside a square box that isn't me! Clients and candidates appreciate how I work with them, and it's because I'm able to bring my own flavor into the equation. You won't meet anyone here who has the same exact background and style, which makes the job more exciting, and also always allows us to learn something new about our colleagues.